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jstntmbrgrl143 :  heya girl!! wuz up, u listenin?
qtpi314159 :  oh yea man...amy always attempts...uh...a'watchin. or something...
jstntmbrgrl143 :  huh??
qtpi314159 :  sorry, workin on my ap english paper at the same time, kinda distracted
jstntmbrgrl143 :  u think ur so cool b/c ur in ap english, u know i could throw around those word thingies if i wanted 2.
qtpi314159 :  oh yea? try me! ooh, it's starting!
jstntmbrgrl143 :  oh whateva! i so listen in my car, like when were goin 2 the mall and I 4got my mix CDs. it's so not dead, like how morbid! (8/15)
qtpi314159 :  this guy is so hot, no fighting aliens tho, kinda sucks, violent in dat old-skool kinda j wayne way...my dad likes that crap, i think its boring and dusty... (2/12)
jstntmbrgrl143 :  kewl song, in that grungy kinda way...but i don't get it, wouldn't it be a sun shower then? guess that would be good for a garden, even that kind of one... whatever, i failed science! especially astronomy! lol! (1/8)
qtpi314159 :  one of my fav groups, can't eat ne tho, i'd get fat. the guy is totally in denial tho, the chick is def not comin back. (10/13)
jstntmbrgrl143 :  heh yeah, and i'm paper, i win! (2/8)
qtpi314159 :  I danced 2 this at my prom with my boi! he dumped me afterwards. i still cry. sigh. where's that mountain now? the public pool doesn't count as going to the sea! (3/11)
jstntmbrgrl143 :  i luv money, specially those bills...i get a crisp one for my birthday every year... should be sometime soon!! neway, i love money. clearly what it's all about! (8/10)
qtpi314159 :  oooh, this was in that VW commercial!! sounds so happy! i should go buy a bug, or have my daddy buy me a bug...one of those convertible ones def (9/10)
jstntmbrgrl143 :  my mom wuz telling me this song wuz cool b4 moulin rouge, whateva...i don't like that chick's music anyway, 'specially with all tha britney nonsense. clearly she had to imply that she wasn't really one in the title, hehe! (2/6)
qtpi314159 :  this formerly whatever guy was totally talkin to me, because well, I am! least my mommy says so!! (8/9)
jstntmbrgrl143 :  clay should have won. that's all i have 2 say. (5/7)
qtpi314159 :  my bro liked this video cuz it had video games in it. i liked it cuz anthony is hot. (3/11)
jstntmbrgrl143 :  this bald guy is so freaky looking. and what's with the video quality? the tape from my 5th grade play was better looking than this, lol. actually, it kind of looks like that play...with the moon and the ship...eh. (2/10)
qtpi314159 :  hehe fake science, awesome. if i would make my own boy like this guy made lots of chicks, i'd never let the people i hate get to see him and steal him away. no clueless chick in this video, weird for this band... (5/9)
jstntmbrgrl143 :  aw man, it's over. guess we should get back to our homework. good luck with your paper...
qtpi314159 :  thanks, you know, i think i've got all i need right here...