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You find yourself in an extremely messy kitchen. A pot which probably Once held water back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth sits melting on a lit gas burner. Apparently unconcerned by the fumes, a grizzled old man putters around the kitchen, rummaging through the torn grocery bags stacked on every otherwise unoccupied surface.

"Blast. I knew I was missing an ingredient," he mutters. Suddenly his hand darts into a pile of rapidly-evolving vegetable matter and snatches out a couple of crumpled sheets of paper. Dusting off mouldy bits of onion, he stares at the pages for a moment or two while absently humming to himself. His eyes dart back and forth over the pages, searching, then he appears to find what he was looking for. He flips the pages around horizontally, then takes seven faltering steps forwards, before bursting into a gummy grin.

"Ah! Of course, of course. THAT's what I was missing," he mumbles. Appearing to notice you for the first time, he turns vaguely in your direction.

"It makes all the difference, you know. It's vitally important I add the stuff to the mix during the second minute of the hour, and of course only local stuff will do. You know how unreliable imported produce can be," he says softly, shaking his head. "Anyway, I'd best be off." Turning abruptly, he drops the papers onto the floor and walks out of the room, into what you're fairly certain was the closet.

A faint voice comes through the door. "Huh! How did I end up in here, I wonder. Where am I, anyways? Are those my pajamas? Oh dear..." Ignoring him for the moment, you bend down and gingerly pick up the papers, taking a closer look.

ERRATA: The 20pF capacitor near the bottom is actually 20nF. Also, there are two outputs from the digital circuit which go into the final digital logic. These are backwards. :( The teammembers responsible are very sorry and will be flogged; ritual seppuku is also likely.