Sonar And Nerves Of Steel

Chris Possinger


Steps to solving (a few can be out of order):

  1. Identify the ST quotes from the psycologist's transcript as lyrics from classic punk songs (some are fairly obvious, and the oddity of the conversation should give away to start googling for them; plus, when you look up "punk" in webster's, "touchwood" is a deffinition; ginn and rollins were the lead singers of black flag).
  2. After the song is identified, find:
    1. The band's name. Any band titles that can contain "the," although I made sure with all of these that it was optional, should not count the "the" in later steps.
    2. Identify the _RECORD_ that these songs came off of. All of the info is based on the LP that the song first apeared on.
    3. ***CRUCIAL STEP*** Identify the track and side of the song from the original LP. I hinted at this with the oddity of the reel-to-reel transcript having an album number and a track number. As far as I can tell, reel-to-reels didn't have tracks or sides. Plus, both the law office and psychatrist are LLPs, as in LP
    4. Identify the record label that the record was put out on. This step is crucial, but the oddity of the "records" and the fact that I spelled out the name of BYO records should lead in the right direction.
  3. ***CRUCIAL STEP/LEAP*** now that the tracks and sides are known, recognize the logic of pulling out letters: if track n is on side A, take the nth letter of the _A_lbums name. If track n is on side B, take the nth letter if the _B_and name. I hinted at this in the text (much more in the revised version), but it might not be a strong enough hint.
  4. A possible check: when decoded in order, the letters spell out "a fun hare." The psychatrist's office is Unhereux & Lapin, which can be translated (oddly) into "a happy bunny" which is good enough for me.
  5. Pull out the name of the record companies from the "epitaph" (epitaph is the name of one of the record companies).
  6. Use the order of record companies to rearrange the letters into the answer: HUERFANA

ha1bad relgionHow could hell be any worsewe're only gonna dieepitaph
ua4circle jerksgroUp sexoperationfrontier
ea6ramonesramonEsnow i wanna sniff some gluesire
ra8minor threatminor thReatminor threatdischord
fb3snFuand no one else wanted to playthe gravediggerBYO
aa2t.s.o.l.dAnce with mecode bluefrontier
nb7dead keNnedysfresh fruit for rotting vegtablesviva las vegasi.r.s.
ab3blAck flagdamageddamaged IIsst


the online punk discography. the only site i found with info on all of the records... of course, you can always go to newbury et. al. and check the records in real life.