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As you wander off the Strip in search of loot, Fidget and Vermin start getting nervous and suggest getting some weapons first, "just in case." You are hesitant, but you figure better safe than sorry. As you near the gun shop, you spot some police cars pulling into the parking lot. Curious, you walk in and look around. There is no one at the counter, but through a door you can see into a back room. You see a mousy looking man standing next to an old 12-inch disc cutter/player with an album of records in his hand, being interrogated by the cops (Looks like someone's been pressing unauthorized recordings as a side business...). On the floor, someone has dropped a stapled packet of paper.

Unheureux & Lapin Psychiatrists, LLP
Specializing in a Jungian Approach

Dr. Milo
March 5, 1977
Sid Touchwood's Final Interview: Transcript
Album #4, Side B, Track #3

Doctor's note: Sid's drug habit seems to be getting worse: since his last visit in January, a number of track marks, I suspect from heroin usage, have appeard on both sides of his arms, not just the front side as before. As usual, he has worn a t-shirt to the interview, supporting a sort of rock band, I gather by the name.

[Begin Reel #2]

Dr. Frank: So, Sid, what have you been thinking about since our last meeting?
Sid Touchwood: Things don't fit. Do I care? I'm confused... confused... confused... don't wanna be confused.
Dr. F:What exactly is bothering you? Is it your father again?
ST: Heaven or Hell? That's one thing he can't decide. One thing's for sure, the dead will keep business alive.
Dr. F: You haven't been able to reconcile your feelings towards your father's job, that's understandable with his line of work and your outlook on life. Did you try speaking to your grandparents as I suggested last week, to see if they agreed with helping you break your ties to your father?
ST: They sent me to a preacher, a really thoughtful guy, he said my idea's crazy, I shouldn't even try.
Dr. F: Well, that wasn't very constructive, was it? Did it make you decide any one way or another?
ST: Oh, I'm gonna give it everything I got; Lady Luck's with me...
Dr. F: Luck? Now you're talking about luck? Last week you were saying that luck is a construct of immature minds...
ST: [inaudible] we're only gonna die from our own arrogance.
Dr. F: True, True, I'm sorry if I was a bit flippant there. But, back to why you came to me in the first place, from your outward appearance, you seem to be doing better away from your father, but how is life now with your grandparents? What are they like?
ST: Filling me up with all their morals and their rules. They'd pile all their problems on my head. Go to college, be a man, what's the fucking deal? It's now how old I am, it's how old I feel.
Dr. F: Ah, so you want to be treated like a child still? Or is it that you feel you're being treated too much like an adult? As if you're being held to a higher standard? Why is it that you want to still act like a child, yet feel the need to make some very adult decisions?
ST: [pause of almost two minutes] All the kids want something to do.

[End of Session]

There's something intriguing about all of this. Following your intuition has been pretty fruitful so far, so you decide to figure out this kid's story. On your way out the door, you overhear one of the policemen saying that Sid visited an attorney before leaving the city, and the offices of Ginn & Rollins are your next stop. After leafing through a five month old Time and an odd, two-sided stamp album some kid must have left behind, you are greeted by a paralegal. After a well-timed bribe, she returns from the records room holding a mimeograph:

Ginn & Rollins, L.L.P.
Las Vegas, Reno, and Carson City

March 6, 1977

I, Sidney Sheldon Touchwood, do hereby request that the executor(s) of my estate, upon my passing, secure for me the following epitaph:

I went to the frontier, and was the sire of dischord.
My Better Youth Organization helped free the frontier.
Then I lost it all to the I.R.S.


Once you sort out all the 1's and 2's through the a's and b's and find the kid, he'd better have something nice and shiny for you for all your trouble.