Cardinal Rules Chapel

Liz Demicco, Jaci Conrad


each gargoyle is posed in two locations on  campus (or near campus in the case of Sidney Pacific)
in addition, each gargoyle has 4 characteristic features: Name, (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, )  facial expression, (face puller, grin, tongue out) stance (kneel, crouch, perch, halfkneel), attribute (horn, batwing, birdwing, fangs).

the trick is to find pairs of gargoyles with 2 out of 4 things in common (obviously, names are all unique).
the two pictures of each gargoyle describe a vector. So take the intersection point of each vector pair (see map below) and go there to find clues.. . .

So: locations

A: Sekrit Ninja courtyard building + EC
B: Westgate playground + Stata amphitheatre
C: Sidney-Pacific + Senior Haus
D: Garden by Kresge + Kendall T stop
E:  Baker + Albany St. garage ledge
F: Kresge corner + Building 14
G: Solar thing in Westgate parking lot + Pyramid 4
H: 66 point +  Pillar behind Johnson
I: E53 sculpture + Near wind tunnel
J: Killian ledge/roof + 34 lobby




B: half-kneeling, facepuller, horned
E: kneeling, facepuller, horned

G: perched, tongue out, birdwing
F: perched, tongue out, fanged
I: crouched, grin, horned
J: perched, grin, horned

A: kneeling, tongue out, batwing
C: kneeling, grin, batwing

D: crouched, facepuller, birdwing
H: crouched, facepuller, fanged

MAPPING (Photoshop document)

So. after determining the points of intersections, teams pull the couplet associated with the dotted map at that point, solve couplet for two letter abbrev. read west to east.

20. Look at me, and you will find a common degree
That, at MIT, few, if any, ever see.
Bachelor of Arts = BA

38. Experience me as part of an extremely unpleasant test or series
The heavy metal in your lower gut helps to prove some medical theories.
Barium Enema = BE

97. My state flower is the Indian paintbrush.
But don't use it for art, or you'll end up with mush. 
WYoming = WY

45 In me you will find an exciting derivative of phenylalanine
But normally, the locus ceruleus secretes this catecholamine.
NorEpinephrine = NE

85. The unit described by me is used for nothing gigantic or monumental
rather, I represent the binding energy of a Coulombic potential
RYdberg = RY

put these abbreviations together and you will get the word BABEWYNERY. which may seem like a nonsense word, but is in fact a medieval word for gargoyles (derived from the word for baboon) and is, in fact, the answer. (don't believe me? didn't think you would. the word Babewyneries (the plural of babewynery) appears in only one place on the internet, and babewynery not at all. but what do you expect from medieval words??

Answers to all couplets