Lost In The Boiler Rooms

Jamie Clark


No-one should need any hints for this puzzle, but if they really really do:


First one has to figure out that the "map" has been broken into pieces, which can be put together in such a way that the colored lines line up.

This process is most easily done by seperating out first the red and green lines. Those are the easiest to put together, because there are fewer of them.

From there, one should definitely see the '#' (pound sign) in the red square, and the '1' (number one) in the green square.

Furthermore, some patterns may be seen in the colored lines. There are many cards with yellow lines which have 'dead-ends', in which a clear line ending is visible. Since at least one symbol can be seen (the '#'), then it might be guessed that the dead-end yellow lines are parts of other symbols. The blue lines only have two dead-ends.

Anyway, hopefully one gets to guess at the complete image resembling the number-pad on a phone. The resulting "map" can be seen here.

(These files show which cards have the numbers in the solution jpeg:


Then we have a blue line (with occasional "bumps"), which weaves its way from the '1' to the '#' (green to red). If we look at which numbers have bumps in them, we get an 11-digit number sequence: 48255323779

Guessing that we should use the letters on the phone pad to convert to a word, we go to a website. For example, we search google for "phone number word" and get www.phonespell.org. Which tells us that that number sequence spells:

Well, do it yourself.