The Property Of Ones

Jeff Barrett


This puzzle consists of 11 images each linking to a wav sound file. The images and wavs have the same name, and they are obviously nonrandom.

Each image, sound clip and file name is a reference to a strongbad email from If you take the three titles referenced by each image/sound/name combo, you'll find that the titles share exactly one letter in common among all three. Reading down the letters gives you AULD MUG RACE, which is AMERICA'S CUP, the answer.

name: the bAsics (TJ)
sound: drAgon (thatched roof cottages!)
image: homestAr hAir (blue man)

name: sUntan (Meg)
sound: aUtobiography (beep. No Way!)
image: fUnny (File not found.)

name: Labor day (Chrispy)
sound: Lures and jigs (guitar plus bird)
image: miLe (orange "Z" from the eponymous coach)

name: Date (Dynomite)
sound: Duck pond (this is the greatest thing in the world)
image: unuseD emails (payoff bag)

name: heliuM (shack)
image: band naMes (bigg nife)
sound: hoMsar (punctuation and spelling)

name: sUper powers (AaronC)
image: stUnt doUble (cigarette)
sound: cgnU (home invasion)

name: privileGes (crazyclemens)
image: draGon ("S" is for sucks)
sound: studyinG (copy of dat book)

name: youR fRiends (ANDREW)
sound: aRmy (gordon lightfoot)
image: japanese caRtoon (planet)

name: islAnd (YamiYugi)
image: cAper (cow lamp)
sound: guitAr (dragon comes in the niiiiiiiiiiiiight)

name: masCot (Ike)
image: Caffeine (goldfish)
sound: teChno (pretty clever)

name: tapE-lEg (Nicolas)
image: the procEss (beehive)
sound: 2 yEars (Slowbie)