Have You Been Here Before?
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You sit at the bar in the third class dining room, having just been fleeced out of fifty pounds by that Greek in cabin #178, anxious to get to New York. Your brother has been bunked for the last few years in that island prison, and you're ready to set him back on the right path -- but this ship's hardly fast enough. You're snapped out of your reverie when faint snippets of futuristic stories reach your ears from a neighboring table.

He's not a loose cannon, especially when he's singing with the Chief. We'll be watching.

Taking your drugs and your wife's will make you feel younger, but might kill you.

Counselor's undercover assignment almost completely disrupted.

Perfect world that's almost destroyed is totaled anyway because they want to leave.

Can't sleep? Deja vu? They took your arm off. Clicking and clacking and scissors, oh my!

She's cute--too bad she's older than you think, and deadly to the touch.

Dumb guy needs someone to speak for him. But what happens when they die?

In and out of the hospital, but that one guy's always the same. I'm not crazy, are you?

Family's great, except when your older brother's trying to kill your dad.

Machines just don't understand women--delete!

Devo didn't cameo, but watch out for the lemur.

Assaulted for their cells while the Irish drink and light fires in the cargo hold.