Princess of South Africa
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Shortly after arriving in the city, you find yourself carried by the press of the crowd towards an impressive-looking palace near the city gates. Standing on a balcony overlooking the city is a beautiful woman in a pink traditional robe that accentuates her curvy figure. You turn to ask the person next to you who she is, but are startled when Randall answers you.

"She's the princess! Mourtu's new wife, newly arrived from South Africa."

"She doesn't much look like a princess to me," you reply.

"Of course she is! Look at the jewels I stole from her dowry chest." The little man grins triumphantly, "Only royalty would possess such riches as these."

Unsure how to reply, you turn back to look once more at the princess. After a theft like this, is it any wonder that her smile looks decidedly fixed?

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