Mark Feldmeier

Ok   so I hate this fucking computer   but ill continue anyways      

So the answer is   assessment
Heres how its solved

There are a set of telephone tones fairly audible in the background
They contain the answer

To get them so you can hear them   you have to invert one of the audio
channels    either left or right    and add it to the other

When you amplify the final result    all you have left is
the telephone tones

This adding can be done in a number of ways

Via a computer software package that offers manipulation of wav files
Via an analog mixing board and an op amp inverter
By placing two speakers really close to each other and cranking the
volume and standing way back

At any rate    this gives a telephone number    which is


if you take the letters that correspond to these numbers    there is
only one word that can be spelled


I realize that the puzzle is a bit of a bitch      but I think in the
end it will have seemed fun and worth it

At any rate   hope alls well with you