John Owens


The strips can be arranged to form the word MORSE in each of three directions. Strips can be oriented on each of 3 axes (0 degrees, 60 degrees, and 120 degrees) to make this word. The word fits in a large hexagon. Click here for a graphic of the answer from all three directions.

There are four strips left over when all three MORSEs have been constructed. Using the convention that 1 dark triangle is a dot, 2 dark triangles is a dash, 1 blank triangle is an inter-symbol space, and 2 blank triangles is an inter-letter space, the four strips correspond to

.--.   P
.. . - IET
.... . HE
.. -.  IN
(These strips were given in this order, top to bottom, in the initial file.)

The answer to the puzzle is "PIET HEIN", a Danish mathematician, author of many short poems called "groots" and, pursuant to this puzzle, inventor of the board game "Hex".