The Parrrrty
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Rum smugglers used to use this island as a depot for their illicit wares-- but if Strutter and Fidget's off-key singing is any indication, it looks like they didn't quite haul away all their cargo!

Arrr, it's a parrrty maties! Send at least two members of your crew to Lobdell at 1930h tonight (Friday). Don't forget to bring your loot! Crews whose names start with A-O should bring snacks; crews whose names start with P-Z (or other symbols) should bring drinks. You should bring one item for every 8 members of your crew. For example, if Red Beard's Revenge has 24 sailors, then they might bring three 2-liters. Similarly, the crew of Davy Jones' Locker might bring a bag of chips and a box of cookies for their 14 sailors.

Please note that headquarters will be severely understaffed from 1930h until 2130h Friday night.