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To pass the numerous days until you get off this island, you decide to volunteer at the adoption center, teaching English classes. As your students come in for the first day of class, you listen in on their conversation:

StudentOne: Wonderful! Just what we needed! Another riot in New Ginza. Geez.

StudentTwo: Shock guards. Plasma fields. This is asinine. How's a person supposed to get to school?

StudentOne: It's sick...simply sick. The agitators never learn.

StudentTwo: If I've got to hire a hovercab because of these idiots...ack! Blasted bolshevik bastards. Guess I'll just do a little studying while I'm waiting.

Competent, but inexplicable, dextrous method
Adjective expressing sorrow, lament, or comfort
After being cropped, forcing up new shoots
Act of anticipating
Trait of heroic self-denial or -discipline
Sleep disorder formally characterized by recurring somnolence
Intending blasphemy; profane
With little care; lacking attention; indifferent
Supplies or equipment of an operating army
Abundant, vigorous, accelerated growth
A racing sled capable of great speed
Compose or perfect content, especially literary works, by laborious endeavor
Maneuver in foreign or political affairs
A medical treatment of demonstrated utility
Plant attuned to life in an aquatic environment
Comprehensible; capable of being understood; illustrative
A grammar construction incorporating a single word used in both literal and non-literal senses