Shogun Trivia

Robbie Buckingham, Brandy Evans


The sound files are all clips from theme songs (or at least songs used in) anime/Japanese-y (or at least they have a lot of Japanese animators) cartoons. A word has been cut from each clip. The cut out words, as well as all of the answer words for this spacetime, are 6 letters long. Each answer word can be paired with a cut word by the fact that they share one, and exactly one, letter in the same spot.

Cartoon the clip is from, cut out word, and answer word:
Mighty Orbots - mighty - JUGFUL
Pokemon - defend - ECZEMA
Hamtaro - oxnard - RONDEL
Digimon - within - ACQUIL
Animaniacs - caught - BOUCLE
Astroboy - crowds - VOILES
Sailor Moon - sailor - SHERPA
Lil Bits - around - SHOWER
Cowboy Bebop - liquid - LOVARI
Snorks - living - NOVARA
Transformers - battle - HOARSE
Gummi Bears - daring - TURTLE

You take the shared letter from each one and it spells out GENIUS SOLVER. These each share a letter with a word in the puzzle title, SHOGUN TRIVIA, and you get UV.

Also, the letter-sharing is clued in the flavortext because the only six-letter words in the text are also paired this way: Seemed/really, excess/oxygen, lovely/device.

Answer: UV

Map Transform: Shine a blacklight on the map to get the room.