Fair Trade

Stephanie Dalquist, Sam Kendig

HINTS: CLUES IN PUZZLE: Japanese stuff is just for atmosphere. Nothing important is in it.

  1. Get the matching pizza places! ZIP codes given for efficiency, store numbers for checking
  2. Get recommended phone exchanges. AT&T/Bell had these standardized in the '50s; they're widely avialable on the internet.
  3. Solve the word puzzle thingies. Note that each exchange has about 5 recommended names, but the constraints of the puzzle and word length given are such that the puzzles are solvable anyway. The tables are listed in alphabetical order to make your lives easier/confirm things are going okay.
  4. Overlap the grids starting at the "J" (There's a J in the corner of each puzzle)
  5. Any letters that have the same letter overlapping in the two puzzles gets kept
  6. Spells out J-mixed-up-pufferfish-L; the Japanese pufferfish is also known as a fugu

To see solution to criss-crosses, look here.

Answer: JUGFUL

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