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Just as you're getting sick of seeing nothing but dirty skyscrapers, neon, and robots, you come upon the NeoVictorian Apartments. Ah, what a breath of fresh air! You step inside the lobby to take a break from treasure-hunting. They have quite an extensive art collection, which you stop to admire. You wonder, though, what the pieces are called - those captions aren't the titles you remember.

This is the non-portrait of the two paintings of this husband and wife.

This is not a statue of a Greek Minerva, but the subject changed his name in 27, after the Senate gave him a new, very long, title.

This portrait is part of a set of seven, done both in paint and pencil.

Another painting by the same artist was mistaken for a painting of dogs playing cards the second time around.

The painter of this often worked with the painter above this, but not on this one.

The artist painted this a little under twenty-five years before he died.