Temple Of Macuilxochitl

Erin Rhode, Jenn Miller, Martine Lamy


Reorder the file names so that they spell out "TECH SQUARE MAFIOSO DIGS" which is Polcari's Italian Restaurant.
Identify the songs by reading the singers' lips as follows:

TEC.MOV == "Baby Love," Supremes
HSQ.MOV == "Luck be a Lady," Frank Sinatra
UAR.MOV == "Glow Worm," The Mills Brothers
EMA.MOV == "My Guy," Mary Wells
FIO.MOV == "Under the Boardwalk," The Drifters
SOD.MOV == "Angelina/Zooma Zoom," Louis Prima
IGS.MOV == "Wake Up Little Susie," Everly Brothers

Go to Polcari's in Tech Square and find the albums the songs are on on the jukebox. Take the album number, as defined by the jukebox:
TEC = 13, HSQ = 5, UAR = 18, EMA = 13, FIO = 1, SOD = 9, IGS = 4
Map the album number to the alphabet to spell MERMAID, the answer.