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The keystone of Atzintli's temple is an intricately carved and joined block. When you inspect it more closely, you see writing around its border...

UK torch
CNN show

Soft drink released in 2002
Solidified exhalation

Army hairstyle
Playground fixture

Dunk it, then drink
Kids' construction

Page locator

5 PM headache
Hair crimper

Often-abbreviated recorder
Final moves

Possible flag position
Cruel; unfeeling

Rural bathroom
To pass

Rubber ducky's home
66-168, e.g.

Logan says there are no rules here

Doctors' weakness, commonly
Covered bleachers

War Emblem, e.g.
To retrace one's steps

Pedestrian location
Intellectual of the arts

Kentucky lawn
Sharp of sight

Aural secretion
Group of linked Internet sites

Insect structure