Erin Rhode


Once the solver expands the animated gif, they'll find 18 postmarks with the following information: a city or town name, a date, and a zipcode. Upon reordering the postmarks by date, the first letter of each city name spells out "BITTERSWEET WALLEYE," which is an 18 letter synonym for red herring. A little research will determine that the cities don't match the zipcodes. Taking the proper city for each given zipcode, ordered by date gives:

90280South Gate, CA
17534Intercourse, PA
62899Xenia, IL
27936Frisco, NC
04473Orono, ME
13503Utica, NY
41365Rogers, KY
25183Sharples, WV
56649International Falls, MN
45385Xenia, OH
38801Tupelo, MS
56201Willmar, MN
79765Odessa, TX
84773Teasdale, UT
53811Hazel Green, WI
49341Rockford, MI
06333East Lyme, CT
99578Eek, AK

The first letter of each of these towns spells out: "SIX FOUR SIX TWO THREE" which is the zipcode of Bosworth, MO, thus giving the answer "BOSWORTH".