Ahuitzotl's Art Gallery Ahuitzotl's Art Gallery
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While roaming the halls of the palace, you stumble into a great uproar. In a richly decorated room filled with opulent tapestries, gems, and feathers, a great many guards are milling around frantically while a well-dressed man shouts out orders. When you stop a guard to ask what all the fuss is about, he tells you the following story.

"The great lord Ahuitzotl commissioned the finest artisans in all the land to create this gallery, filled with a series of works of such perfection that all the world might marvel. Such were the festivities upon its opening that Ahuitzotl ordered the sacrifice of a total of eleven captive warriors in the prime of their manhood, lest the gods become jealous of his possessions. But, it was all in vain! Yesterday, one of these masterpieces was stolen!

Reflect well on this, stranger, for all are suspect in this heinous theft. Return the missing piece, and you will be well rewarded, but fail, and only death awaits you."

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