All Ages Too

Albert Lin


Step one is to identify each clip (unlike in the first All Ages puzzle). Step two is to determine when each song was released. The title clues the fact that you care about the age of each song, in years. Converting from age to letters gives you the clue phrase.

1MobyGuitar Flute & String19995E
2Basement JaxxLucky Star20031A
3Eric B & RakimEric B. Is President198618R
4OrbBlue Room199212L
5UnderworldPearl's Girl19968H
6New OrderRound & Round198915O
7KraftwerkPocket Calculator198123W
8BTKnowledge of Self20031A
9Run DMCIt's Tricky198618R
11Fatboy SlimFucking In Heaven19986F
12Chemical BrothersLife Is Sweet19959I
13Depeche ModeStripped198618R
14MantronixNeedle To The Groove198519S
15AlphavilleBig In Japan198420T
16Bad BrainsRe-Ignition198618R
17Juno ReactorPistolero19995E
18DJ AssaultAss n Titties 200120013C
19Inner CityBig Fun198915O
20PoisonTalk Dirty To Me198618R
21Timo MaasUbik20004D

The clue phrase is EARL HOWARD FIRST RECORD.

The answer is Pele's Tears.

NOTE: Some of the songs above were released as singles prior to the release of their associated album. Good references for release dates are and the All-music guide