Worship of Zacazontli Worship of Zacazontli
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Tenochtitlan is a larger city than you'd imagined, and the imposing pyramids make it difficult to navigate around. When you ask the natives for directions, everyone directs you to the shrines where you can call on Zacazontli, god of the roads.

Field notes: Excavation summary
January, 2004
Mexico City, Mexico

Structure for night rituals to Oztoteotl. Patron deity Oztoteol is believed to have required nocturnal journeys through the tleco macuilli oztome. Adherents were said to be beginning their climb to heaven, not constrained by their earthly existence. Children were initiated here to the sect, though those seeking to display their extreme devotion to Oztoteotl would come here too, for the challenge of the macuilli, and to leave their mark on high for future generations. Beautifully juxtaposed with memorial to a man who, according to legend, climbed with Citlalicue to the realm of Metztli.
Resonant underground chamber in this structure used for recording advanced religious visions in wall paintings. Interesting pictogram present on third level representing the challenges of faith contrasted with constraints of the physical world.
Although it is at ground level, this was clearly a place for the tlahtoani to oversee the works of his slaves. We couldn't tell which buildings here fell from age and which never made it up in the first place. What may once have been an alligator holding torture pit is also visible from the gallery.
The other wing of this L-shaped building is the temple of many tepahtiani. Evidence of advanced methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for ailments of body and spirit. Religious overtones - departed could be lifted to the heavens at north corner of temple.
Structure at edge of excavation is a curiousity. Found remnants of hand-copied Codice Mendocino and other texts previously undiscovered in Aztec villages. May have been traded from travelers arriving at nearby city carriage station or staying at village inn.
A town square. We have recovered a metal and glass sarcophagus-like device for public punishment! Prisoners would be put in the chamber and, unable to sit or lie down, would be required to make their appeals to the gods in full view of people at the town center.
Near business center of Tenochtitlan. Presume this was site of group meetings and cacahuatl. Could the Aztecs have been doing deals over coffee?? Lowest level location suggests Aztecs believed business should take place far from the view of the gods, hiding shady deals and low morals from judging eyes.
Found in higher level of town center structure. Might be a group worship shrine to Tezcatlipoca. Unusual artifacts, including black metal wand with one glassy end (possibly for black magic spells?). Also found durable prayer cards and paraphernalia shaped like incense sticks though made of hard metal.
A remarkable discovery. The indoor ground floor suggests a place where the Aztecs would hold gala dances! Spectres of large circle, line, and square designs on the floor.