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Near the west side of Tlazolteotl's shrine, her worshippers crowd around you. They've mistaken you for a villager who had claimed to see a vision of the goddess. "When did you speak to her?" they eagerly ask, desperate for their goddess's words.

He said it was cluttered and dirty. -- CD, JL, MM

It needs to talk about all this shit. -- AI, RP, MA

Like, if we'd grown up in a culture where we were taught that fat thighs were beautiful, we'd all be pounding down milkshakes and cookies, lying on our backs, spending our days thigh expanding. -- EJ, AT, LV

The black dot was equal to a black hole in space, and the squiggly lines were meant to be people or things or just your basic atoms that got lost there. -- JM, TG, SL

I do not see them as separate things. -- HM, JL, KH

Second grade, seven years old, my brother was talking about periods. -- AM, AM, SK

For example, I had a large collection of frogs when I was a little girl: stuffed frogs, china frogs, plastic frogs, neon frogs, happy battery-operated frogs. -- BS, MR, AG

If it could speak, what would it say? -- JS, GR, MT

It's very damp, clammy. -- MT, DC, JI