The Jeweled Fowl The Jeweled Fowl
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At the intersection of two large avenues stands the temple of Citlialin, a large star-shaped pyramid. A long line of people snakes around the building. Strutter and Og, figuring that something valuable must be inside the temple, join the end of the line. A statue of Chalchihuihtotolin, the Jeweled Fowl, stands over the entrance. Inside, the temple is lined with row after row of shelves packed with bags. The priest hands you a tray and impatiently motions for you to take your fill; you grab a bag and leave the temple. Once outside you dump the contents of the bag on your tray and sort through them, separating out organic detritus from chunks of rock. You notice that one rock has red glints; you figure that this is a start.

1. Naturally, it was the last found (abbr.) (3)
2. Where a jeweler keeps his lens (4)
3. Bloodstone sign (5)
4. Shortest of the 4 Cs (5)
5. Slang for fake (6)
6. Vegetable high in protein (7)
7. Smiling garden fellow (8)
8. She's a heavyweight at 26.486 grams (9)
9. A well respected vine (9)
10. A female hare (12)
11. Ray Charles saw reflections with him (14)
12. Pecten opercularis (15)
13. Matz's Gem (16)
14. The Great Mogul in a former life (16)
15. Orange drupe distantly related to poison ivy (16)
16. Opal in Canberra (18)
17. A haddock cured with the smoke of peat earth (18)
18. A mating of copper and silver (19)
19. Olivine elite (22)
20. A Malaysian deer or a Toyota passenger car in Brunei (24)
21. You would find one on planet Zi (28)
22. Despite its name, this type of opal is whole (30)
23. Might be found in the basement of W-7? (66)
24. #19 in Maui (68)
25. NC-2000 (88)