Whoa--I Know Shoe-Buckling!

"Let me get this straight... you're teaching me shoe-buckling in a virtual dojo using the Socratic method?"

"You won't understand everything at first. Give it some time."

luf fot hon hon? gan. luf fot hon gan? zin. luf fot gan zin? sen. luf fot zin sen? con. luf fot sen con? zinhoit. luf vep gan gan? win. luf vep gan win? con. luf vep gan con? yenhoit. luf vep gan yenhoit? ganzimit. luf pag honhoit dunzimit? congait. luf pag honhoit congait? ranhoit. luf pag honhoit ranhoit? yen. luf pag honhoit yen? resen. luf hud gan resen? sengait. luf hud zin reganhoit? recongaitranaloer. luf bic gan zimiconal? senhoitwial. luf bic hongait zinyemitzialyemer? zinzial. luf vep zin fot win hoer? ganhoitzimer. luf hud vep sen gan gan? wingaitoer. luf pag vep gangaiganal bic gan hud gan zin dunduidual? pos.

luf bic fot zin ran pag hud gan yenhoit yensemitwial?
luf vep bic ran hongait fot pag ranhoit hongait gan?
luf hud pos fot zingait vep gan bic honal sealgaer?
luf pag vep zin win pag hon hud zin zin?
luf bic vep fot fot gan gan vep gan gan hud gan gan conyeal?
luf fot bic ganhoit yemit fot pos pag ran winhoit?
luf pag pag vep hoit con rancoit bic honrait conyemitseal?
luf bic pag senwimit dunrait coityeal?
luf hud bic ganraitwimer yenzimitgaer pag gan bic gansemitzial winsealdumer?

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