Whoa--I Know Genealogy!

"AIs have families?"

"Not as we understand it. But according to them, there are only a few kinds of person in this world. In fact, the AIs have figured out exactly how many kinds there are, and have developed a system of understanding human relationships that they use in their breeding program."

The number of kinds of people is the smallest one such that:

The vocabulary of kinship terms that the AIs have developed is based on this system of kinds.

For example, Neo's father is Steet, and his mother is Niam. In AI terms, Steet is Neo's gbigbimwukh, and Niam is Neo's didegbyuth.

Steet is Niam's lugomwan, and Niam is Steet's lugomyan.

Neo is Steet's gbakimwukh, and he is Niam's mnakegwil.

Steet has one brother (kpamwic), Opit, and one sister (kpamyic), Ndub.

Niam has one kpamyic, Isuku, and one kpamwic, Xis.

Opit is Neo's gbigbimwukh, and Ndub is his gbigbimyukh.

Neo is Opit and Ndub's gbakimwukh.

Isuku is Neo's didegbyuth, and Xis is his didegbwuth.

Neo is Isuku and Xis' mnakegwil.

Niam's gbigbimwukh is Nezh, and her didegbyuth is Yuzu.

Nezh is Steet's mnimnegwil, and Yuzu is his mimigyedogh.

Nezh is Neo's tsitsivwisty, and Yuzu is his ngingemyedlel.

Neo is Nezh's tsakivwisty, and Yuzu's ngakemwedlel.

Steet's gbigbimwukh is Hegit, and his didegbyuth is Thac.

Hegit is Neo's kpikpamwic, and Thac is his lilugomyan.

Xis' lugomyan is Ise; he has a gbakimwukh, Edu, and a gbakimyukh, Vad.

Edu's kpamyic is Vad, and his lugomyan is Wot.

Vad has a lugomwan, Nikay, and a mnakegwil, Isivi, who has a gbakimwukh, Vife.

Yuzu has a kpamwic, Ent, who has a tsakivyisty named Ethre.

Opit's lugomyan is Svene; he has two gbakimwukh, Yuku and Yimas, and a gbakimyukh, Fune.

Yimas has a lugomyan, Inne, and a tsakivyisty named Ofur.

Now let's see how much of this you've understood.

Wot is Inne's _____

Hegit is Ent's ____

Wot is Xis' ____

Xis is Svene's ____

Neo is Ethre's ____

Inne is Svene's _____

Inne is Ent's _____

Ofur is Vife's _____

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