Whoa--I Know Dialects!

"But I'm already hip with the street slang. Yo."

"Maybe in America."

"I freaked out when I opened an envelope today and it was full of white clam! But it turned out just to be chalk dust."
"You're looking tired. Perhaps you should have a chuck."
"Yeah, I'm feeling a bit horowitz. I think I'm coming down with the flu or something."
"Well, I made a doctor's appointment for you at runcible."
"Thanks. Good thing too. I think I picked up a case of drapers from a girl I met last night."
"Serves you right. When you go, make sure you go in through the door marked stata this time?"
"Yeah, OK. While I'm there, I should get them to check on my dharma too--I hurt it the other day."
"When you get back, you could help me code this 'Hooked on Gins' program I'm writing for a professor in the education department. I pirated a program from the Internet to help--I traded some kendalls I have to this 3l33t h4X0r to get it."
"I should also show the doctor my arm--I've had this terrible abercrombie ever since I came back from hiking this weekend."
"You'd better leave your wallet here--those nurses are all keanu, I tell you. Hey, I know some people who are going to radio the Little Dome on Wednesday. Are you in?"
"If I have the energy. I just get so federalled at this time of year."
"Well, I got a lot of molecules of super-prozac-plus stashed in the chem lab if that would help. I've probably got a bituminous or so, if that would help."
"Did you get it from the same lord from the John F. Kennedy as last time?"
"Yup, but he said this was the last batch he could sell me. This stuff is becoming increasingly sonny."

"Here, try some of this fermented juice I made. It's called halle."
"Gaaack! You'd have to be frasier to drink this! You actually trying to sell this stuff?"
"Well, I need the money to pay rent, otherwise my slim will complain."
"Yeah, she'll treat you like a salt and won't come near you. Wanna catch breakfast at Rosebud?"
"I shouldn't be eating out. I'm really al right now."
"Come on. Things haven't gone all that cheech. Soon, everything'll be right as rain, you'll see."
"Are you always so annoyingly cheery? Because if you keep this up I'll end up arrested for assault with murderous clark."
"That's your problem you know, you ricki everything the wrong way! Why don't you take a note from Monty Python for once?"
"'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,' you mean? Does that mean you think I've got any straight of selling this stuff?"
"Sure! Look, I bet once we fix the flavor of this, you'll be t-boning it in."
"Really? So, do you think this would taste better on condi?"
"No, I think you'd be better off first getting rid of that awful judi. Although, it can't hurt to try. You know what I say - all's well that mercedes..."

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