Starting formation- facing dancers. Any handholds are dropped. Dancers move forward, passing right shoulders with each other. Each ends in the other's starting position, but neither dancer changes facing direction. If dancers end up in a position where a handhold is appropriate, they form a handhold. For example, in these animations 2 couples are doing a pass thru. At the beginning they have the couples handhold, which is then dropped to do the pass thru and resumed when the pass thru is completed.

v     PULL-BY: A Pull-By is just like a Pass Thru, except on a Pull-By, you use hands with the person you're facing during the figure. On a Right Pull-By, extend your right hands to each other, Pull-By passing right shoulders, and drop hands as you pass. Finish in each other's original spot. Do NOT change facing direction during this call. On a Left Pull-By, do exactly the same as a Right Pull-By, except that you should extend to left hands and pass left shoulders. As in a Pass Thru, any appropriate handholds are assumed after the figure is completed.

Starting Position

Ending Position

Images restored in 2010 by the archivists of Beginner's Luck. Thanks to Marc Moskowitz and Kevin Chen for providing the images.