As a unit the couple walks forward around the circle counterclockwise, inner hands joined as usual for a couple (some clubs have a fancy promenade handhold, but ours doesn't, so disregard the handhold in the animation). Unless otherwise specified, they promenade one time around the circle. If a fraction is specified (as in "promenade "), you walk that fraction of a full circle. "Promenade home" means to promenade back to your position in the starting square, which might or might not be a full time around the circle (it will be a full time if you start off the figure at your home position).

At the end of the promenade the couple turns, as a unit, to face the center of the set, maintaining the handhold until some subsequent figure breaks it.

v     HEADS (ONLY) OR SIDES (ONLY) PROMENADE: The specified couples promenade as above, and the other couples do a forward and back (with the appropriate touching) to get out of their way.


Starting Position

Ending Position