Document 7.1: Smush

"He might've been running his words together a little," the bartender admits, "but it didn't seem to impair his judgment at all. The TV was tuned in to some game show, and he was getting the answers faster than the contestants. By the end he was screaming at the TV."

Come down and play "Smush"! This event will occur in room 2-190 at 3 pm. The basic mechanism is as follows:

In the first round, eight contestants will compete to answer "smushes," two phrases phonetically mashed together. For instance, given "90s startup + Russian form of government," a contestant would ring in and say, "dot communism."

The four highest scorers will move on to the second round, where the points are doubled and the smushes are three clues long (e.g. "90s startup + Russian form of government + lingerie question" for "dot communismy slip showing?" (i.e. "dot com + communism + Is my slip showing?"), only they'll be good).

At the end of this round, the top two people will continue to the final round, where they will work as a team to answer a progressive nine-part smush: first two clues, then a third clue added to the end, and so on until they have all nine. They must recite the entire smush each time (without writing them down!).

Come and participate, or just come and watch!

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