Document 5.4: Standard Excuses

You boss seems to have written himself a note on a paper napkin. It's not from this restaurant, though: the logo in the corner declares it to be from " CAFE". It reads,"Space will be of no consequence at this dinner if so many people fail to show up! Everyone has been sending their excuses, along with what they say are signs from where they are. I think their stories add up to someting suspicious, myself." You're not sure what conclusions to draw from that.

"Typically I like to get right back to Cambridge, but I'd rather stay in Oklahoma."

"I need just a little more time to meet with Canadian clients. Please forgive my absence."

"I've decided to climb Mount Fuji."

"I'm going to start bringing an axe to meetings. I've been getting in touch with my inner Viking."

"Don't tell me it's another business dinner! Can I just promise to eat some Crab Rangoon while bored?"

"I can't get home in time; my flight from Athens is delayed!"

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