Document 5.3: Making a List, Checking It Twice

"We found this tucked inside one of the bills of fare," says the maitre d', handing you a short list. "Oddly, none of the food he mentions on it is anything he ordered that night. He had the cod, if I remember correctly." That is pretty odd; but then, so is this whole affair. Well, maybe the romantic atmosphere in here clouded his mind.

Lunch meat option
Fictional planet
Watergate figure: 2 wds.
Real-life foreshadowing
Engine noise
A "Colgate Comedy Hour" host: 2 wds.
What you may be labeled after insulting a child
Mystery author: 2 wds.
Kind of gastropod
Emulates Karl Story
Actor in old Westerns: 2 wds.
Cold symptom
Giraudoux play
Brazen girl
Buttercup's counterpart
They're required for genuflection
Granita ingredient
Wine vessel
It's made out of blocks
Like some words meant to be deleted: 2 wds.
Part of a sundial
Comic strip bird
Oppenheimer's field
Made fun of, slangily: 2 wds
Camera brand
Type of metamorphic rock

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