Document 5.1: Ordering a Round

You recognize the first puzzle you find: a grid drawn on a bar napkin. "Oh, this is like one of those Marching Bands puzzles!" you say to yourself. "One set of clues whose answers go around the square, each in a separate band, and another set of clues whose answers go across, two in each row. This'll be a snap!" The fact that the back of the napkin has "B66b2aC110a5aA69b7aB2D2" written on it doesn't faze you at all.

Then you find his list of clues. Somehow, you restrain yourself from grabbing a nearby beer bottle and throwing it through a pane of glass.

  • 1990 movie featuring Iggy Pop
  • Alessandro Scarlatti's son
  • 'Antarah ibn-Shaddad's dedicatee
  • "A wise son maketh a glad father" source
  • Beltane decoration
  • Discard pile, in solitaire
  • From Xigazê
  • Garlic genus
  • "Girls Gone Wild," e.g.
  • In hypolocrian, e.g.
  • Jazz Messengers founder Silver
  • ___ León (state S of Texas)
  • LiAlH4, for one
  • Pelvis-related
  • Philanthropic tendency
  • Quivery, savory sauce
  • Ring from Frito-Lay
  • She was Luce in "Queen Kong"
  • Snuggle prevents it
  • Spherical
  • Sunburn Grand Prix locale
  • "The first man to pee on the moon"
  • "Then to the well-trod stage ___" (Milton)
  • Type of "Factor" released by Hasbro
  • 1972 hit on the American Beauty soundtrack (2 wds.)
  • 2002 Busta Rhymes movie
  • Blameworthy
  • Brand near Merit and Basic
  • Caught a twister like Pecos Bill
  • Cent noms de Déu writer
  • "De Lottoshow" host Willem
  • Dodgers fan, most likely
  • Drachma division
  • Failed to perform
  • Family behind the Uffizi
  • Floating bell site
  • "It's ___" (recurring KITH skit) (2 wds.)
  • It's us, in a Walt Kelly quote
  • Marky's cereal
  • Not to mention (2 wds.)
  • Of cremains
  • Praxithea or Creusa, e.g.
  • Prefix for "decillion"
  • Rum and coke with a wedge of lime (2 wds.)
  • Satyagraha champion
  • Source of melancholy
  • Teri, in "Young Frankenstein"
  • "The Ewok Adventure" narrator
  • Type of sword in a Carroll work
  • "Yeah, right!" (2 wds.)

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