Document 4.8: Light Reading

"Your boss always said that he liked to read a book before he went to bed," the psychic said. "But he often had trouble finding the right one. The only time he ever had to go shopping for them was usually right before weekly Mass. Bookstores were always very overwhelming for him. They seemed to draw out the worst in him."

84a book to read between hacks
698  a book to read on top of the tall bookshelf immediately to the right of the door
731a book to read third with the door on my left
862a book to read after reading about myths and before my eyesight fails
1156a book to read after reading about colonialism and before playing with my pets
1256   a book to read when I am feeling very low (and immediately to the left of the door)
1400a book to read between the big game and getting on the expressway
2211a book to read when standing on the front porch looking into the foyer (but not off-hours, to avoid disturbing the occupants' sleep)

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