Document 4.3: Efficiency

One sheet of paper in the stack contains notes from the boss about plans to improve the efficiency of ACMECorp. "He was afraid the company was too large," the psychic explains, "and was always on the lookout for ways to improve it."

Inefficient and DisorganizedEfficient and Organized
Alaskan EskimoStop
Ashore, like a whaleVandyke, e.g.
Big name in trainsSuperfluous (2 wds.)
Change chemically (as with yeast)Offspring
DogE.B. White character
Doric or Ionic, relative to GreekCertain gift bearers
Earth goddessCrevice filler
ExteriorA dessert
Food storage areaHesitation
Hero worshipper?Fix
Hold togetherA machine
Large wine bottleLegislature
Lemur, for instanceFold
Maturation periodAroma
Michigan cityLaughing gas is one
Move around, as at a partyArrive
Reclusive authorShower alternative
ScopeChocolate sauce
Show passion or fervorValue
Sleeveless women's garmentFashion
SnakeSomeone at a wife-swapping party
Worked in marblePossible Hearst crime?

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