Document 1.6: Making Connections

Your boss wrote: "At ACMECorp, we encourage interaction both in the workplace and with our fellow citizens! Through the years, we have sponsored programs that foster various degrees of outreach, in all areas. We hope that it allows you to get to know the community--even the people at opposite ends of society--on a first name basis. It's the attitude of 'people helping people' that we value, irrational though it may seem, and it's a pattern we hope you continue to follow."

A is credited as "Nurse" in movie 1, which was directed by B. The movie B directed directly prior to that was the 1992 movie 2, which B also appeared in.

C played in 2 as a younger version of B's character. C also played one of the sons on the TV show 3.

D appeared in a 1946 movie sharing its name with 3. D is the father of E, who played a character (last initial K.) in the 1994 movie 4. F played a pregnant character in 4.

F played a character whose first name is a color in the 2000 movie 5, which also featured G (whose character's first initial was M.)

G was the lead in the 1998 movie 6, which featured H as the boyfriend of one of the characters.

H played a character with a 5-syllable last name in the 1990s movie 7, and I played a character whose full name is the same as J.

Singer J's 1987 album shared its title with the 1983 movie 8, starring K.

K played the title character in 9 on Broadway in 1980. L appeared in the 1989 movie 10, which involves a musical version of 9.

As a child, actor L attended the same school as M, L being a few years younger.

World leader M is parodied in the movie 11, whose production company is named after the same object held by N's character on the cover of the 1991 movie 12.

N played a sheriff and father on the TV show 13, whose theme song is sung by O.

O's brother is a member of a music group with the same name as the 1932 movie 14, which starred P.

P was born in the same city that Q was born and died in.

Q played a character (last initial B.) on the 1975 TV show 15. R appeared on 15, in the credits with a different last name.

R and S played lead characters in the 1977 TV movie 16.

S played the title character of the 1980s TV show 17. When 17 premiered in the fall, it was on right after 18 on the same channel. 17 premiered 8 years after 18 premiered.

T was on 18 for almost the entire series, whose character's first initial was O.

T and U are divorced from each other. U's character, the father of V's character, died on a 1995 episode of the TV show 19.

V and W appeared on a 1995 episode of TV show 20, where W won and V got second place.

W wrote a novel that turned into the 1983 movie 21, starring X.

X was born one day before actor Y, who was the voice of a character on the 1980s TV show 22. Y's one-name character name shared the same name as Z's character from the 1952 movie 23.

Z wrote the lyrics for the theme to the TV show 24, which was a spinoff of 25, starring AA. 25 was renamed after AA four years after its premiere.

AA is the father of BB, who played in the 1990 movie 26. BB's character shares the same first name as CC's character from movie 27, which debuted in theaters in 1991.

CC and DD costarred in the 1995 movie 28. DD's character seeks out CC's character.

DD starred in the 1982 movie 29. Originally, the first choice to play DD's character was EE, who turned the part down.

EE starred in the 1998 movie 30 with FF, who joined the cast of 31 in 1981.

When repeated, 31 forms the title of track 8 from GG's 1998 album.

GG appeared as herself on a November 2000 episode of 32, where she meets HH's character.

HH portrayed II in the 2002 TV movie 33.

II's son was the leader of a music group, one of whose early members was JJ's father.

JJ's character's last initial was G in the 1992 movie 34, directed by KK.

KK directed the 2000 movie 35, which starred KEVIN BACON and costarred LL (who played Frank). Actors and friends LL and MM are both members of the same theater company in Chicago, IL.

MM played the son of the title character of the 1994 sitcom 36, while NN played the title character. Near the beginning of one season of 37, NN's character performs an unusual activity. The patron saint of that activity is OO.

OO's character was married to PP's character on 38, starting in 1991.

In the 1988 TV movie 39, one character must choose between PP's character and the title character played by QQ.

QQ appeared in a cameo in the 1994 movie 40 as one half of a couple (the other half played by RR).

RR appeared on the 1992 TV special 41. In the twelfth show of 41's series, SS was the only female host.

If you move SS's first name forward two positions, you'll get part of TT's last name.

TT, interestingly, shares a birthday with UU.

UU narrated the 1999 movie 42, which focuses on an event in which VV was famous for his live reporting.

VV graduated from college in 1943. WW graduated from the same college 26 years later. (Both VV and WW have also been co-owners of the same sports team.)

WW wrote a book that turned into the 1994 movie 43. XX played one of the lead characters in the movie.

XX's character shares his full name with the name of two characters on the TV show 44 (as of 2001).

TV show 45 appeared on the same day of the week, time, and channel as the premiere of 44, but 20 years earlier. YY was a guest star on the eleventh episode of the sixth season of 45.

YY played the spouse of ZZ on the TV show 46.

AAA's character from movie 47 goes by many names, one of which is the same full name as ZZ's character from 46. Reporter BBB has a cameo in movie 47.

BBB's last name is the same as the first name of author CCC.

The main character of 1992 movie 48 has a quote (subtitled in English) that begins, "Was it CCC or DDD..." (referring to CCC by last name only).

DDD played a character (last initial J.) in the 1976 movie 49. EEE appeared (character's initials F. D.) in the TV remake of 49.

The documentary 50 focuses on EEE's birth place. FFF is interviewed in 50.

FFF hosted the TV show 51 starting in 1986. GGG was a model on 51 starting in 1978.

GGG was on TV show 52 until 1985. In the theme song to 52, HHH is the first full name mentioned in the lyrics.

HHH, for appearing in the movie 53, earned an honor (the first of its sort for her). III starred in 54, which shares its name with the honor. III was born in the same year 53 was released.

III is the granddaughter of JJJ, who played the title role in the 1942 movie 55. In 55, KKK played an uncredited character with a hyphen in his name. Author LLL wrote a series of books which had a bearded character with the same name as KKK's character.

LLL died exactly one year after MMM was born. MMM is on TV show 56 with a man who shares his full name with NNN.

NNN and actor OOO were both presenters on the 1992 award show 57.

OOO was the star of the 1989 movie 58. 59 was the 1994 sequel to 58 (and last in the series), where PPP played a character with a V in his name.

PPP also played a character with an animal name in the 1999 movie 60, where QQQ played a character with first initial F.

RRR's character from the 2000 movie 61 shares the same first name as QQQ's character in 60 (but with last initial C.).

RRR played in the 1985 sports movie 62, where SSS (credited with a nickname) plays a character who shares his last name with that of a current character on the English-language TV show 63, played by TTT.

TTT appeared in the 1998 movie 64 with UUU (who also cowrote the movie). UUU's character's first name is the same as the first name of VVV's character (also with last initial C.) from the 1959 movie 65.

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11) ________________________________
12) ________________________________
13) ________________________________
14) ________________________________
15) ________________________________
16) ________________________________
17) ________________________________
18) ________________________________
19) ________________________________
20) ________________________________
21) ________________________________
22) ________________________________
23) ________________________________
24) ________________________________
25) ________________________________
26) ________________________________
27) ________________________________
28) ________________________________
29) ________________________________
30) ________________________________
31) ________________________________
32) ________________________________
33) ________________________________
34) ________________________________
35) ________________________________
36) ________________________________
37) ________________________________
38) ________________________________
39) ________________________________
40) ________________________________
41) ________________________________
42) ________________________________
43) ________________________________
44) ________________________________
45) ________________________________
46) ________________________________
47) ________________________________
48) ________________________________
49) ________________________________
50) ________________________________
51) ________________________________
52) ________________________________
53) ________________________________
54) ________________________________
55) ________________________________
56) ________________________________
57) ________________________________
58) ________________________________
59) ________________________________
60) ________________________________
61) ________________________________
62) ________________________________
63) ________________________________
64) ________________________________
65) ________________________________
A) ________________________________
B) ________________________________
C) ________________________________
D) ________________________________
E) ________________________________
F) ________________________________
G) ________________________________
H) ________________________________
I) ________________________________
J) ________________________________
K) ________________________________
L) ________________________________
M) ________________________________
N) ________________________________
O) ________________________________
P) ________________________________
Q) ________________________________
R) ________________________________
S) ________________________________
T) ________________________________
U) ________________________________
V) ________________________________
W) ________________________________
X) ________________________________
Y) ________________________________
Z) ________________________________
AA) ________________________________
BB) ________________________________
CC) ________________________________
DD) ________________________________
EE) ________________________________
FF) ________________________________
GG) ________________________________
HH) ________________________________
II) ________________________________
JJ) ________________________________
KK) ________________________________
Kevin Bacon
LL) ________________________________
MM) ________________________________
NN) ________________________________
OO) ________________________________
PP) ________________________________
QQ) ________________________________
RR) ________________________________
SS) ________________________________
TT) ________________________________
UU) ________________________________
VV) ________________________________
WW) ________________________________
XX) ________________________________
YY) ________________________________
ZZ) ________________________________
AAA) ________________________________
BBB) ________________________________
CCC) ________________________________
DDD) ________________________________
EEE) ________________________________
FFF) ________________________________
GGG) ________________________________
HHH) ________________________________
III) ________________________________
JJJ) ________________________________
KKK) ________________________________
LLL) ________________________________
MMM) ________________________________
NNN) ________________________________
OOO) ________________________________
PPP) ________________________________
QQQ) ________________________________
RRR) ________________________________
SSS) ________________________________
TTT) ________________________________
UUU) ________________________________
VVV) ________________________________

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