M Puzzle: Titles

by Tanis O'Connor

the song clips are snippets of end credits music for 16 movies. if you examine the credits on-screen during those snippets, you will get names. reading down the initial letters of the names gets you COOLIDGE DAM RIVER, which is GILA.

	Charles Durning     O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? (song: "Angel Band")
	Oderus Urungus      EMPIRE RECORDS (song: "Free")
	Otis Redding        PRETTY IN PINK (song: "Pretty in Pink")
	Laurence Fishburne  THE MATRIX (song: "Wake Up")
	Isobel Griffiths    THE FULL MONTY (song: "You Sexy Thing")
	David Caruso        HUDSON HAWK (song: "Swingin' on a Star")
	Gary Ross           PLEASANTVILLE (song: "Across the Universe")
	Eva Rodriguez       GROSSE POINTE BLANK (song: "Blister in the Sun")
	Dennis E. Jones     BACK TO THE FUTURE (song: "Back in Time")
	Aubrey Morris       A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (song: "Singin' in the Rain")
	Michael Moshen      LABYRINTH (song: "Underground")
	Ross Ranger         10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (song: "I Want You to Want Me")
	Ines Jacome         ROMEO + JULIET (song: "Exit Music (For a Film)")
	Vicki Manning       LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (song: "Dentist")
	Erik von Detten     TOY STORY (song: "Friend in Me")
	Robert K. Lambert   THREE KINGS (song: "In God's Country")