M Puzzle: Squiggles

by Marc Moskowitz

As the flavortext suggests, this puzzle involves "enunciating clearly and speaking coherently" and the IPA--that is, the International Phonetic Alphabet. The squiggles are, in essence, an alphabet for writing English phonetically, of the sort George Bernard Shaw once devised. (There is an explanation of sorts in PDF or in PS.)

Appropriately, then, these are all quotes from his play Pygmalion:

Each word in parentheses has replaced the word that follows it. The incorrect words are GRACES, RECEPTIONS, OUT-AND-OUT, PNEUMONIA, DEVIL, LONDON, EYE-OPENING, NOBILITY. Taking the first letters gives the gibberish "gropdlen," but taking the first sounds gives the answer, which is GROUND LINE.


The reference to mapping in the flavortext indicates that "Cartography" is the training puzzle to apply. Decrypting GROUND LINE using the code in that puzzle gives the trained answer, which is FISCAL YEAR.