M Puzzle: Sneakers (tentative title)

by Jennie Hango and Rebecca Christianson

This is an audio runaround (hence the title, a movie in which the characters followed an audio runaround).

Track 1 is the path that people are supposed to follow. It starts at Strobe Alley (Jacob's ladder display) and sets the 'pace' between Jacob's ladder and the droplet display. People can use that the calibrate how far they need to walk per footstep. (Or, they can just listen VERY carefully.)

The path continues past the droplet machine, turns right in building 10, and enters building 13 on the 5th floor. Down the elevator three floors to the 2nd floor, down the hall and around two corners to the stairs. Down the stairs a flight and a half to the basement door, through the door into the 13 basement (very noisy machinery). Through the basement, past a bunch of radiators to the basement of the infinite corridor. Down the infinite corridor (past stupid non-functioning soda machines) to the external doors by the mail room in the basement of 9. Out the doors and around to the right gets them to the entrance to the basement of 7. Elevator in 7 all the way to the top floor, and a ramp walk gets them to a stair with a very specific number of steps between landings, right by building 10. The top of this stairway is the roof door which has a big sign on it saying that persuant to this and that law, you dang well better not enter the roof.

That's the end of the trail, and anyone who goes on the roof is very much on their own. That leaves them with the morse code (track 2), which translates as a series of numbers separated by commas. The numbers range from 4 to one hundred and something. If they count off to the appropriate letters on the sign at the end of the trail, they should get something one shouldn't wear with sneakers: ARGYLE.