R Puzzle: Screening Room

by Jennifer Cunningham and Tanis O'Connor

The missing words from the scenes are:

Deleted Word(s) Full Quote Movie
Candy Dish It's a candy dish. Congratulations on your marriage. Goodbye. Feeling Minnesota
Occasion Much Ado About Nothing
Martel I mean, Martel, he is the best. The Replacements
Ernie Come on, let's keep Ernie. Sweet November
Pig Never called him a disgusting pig monster? Devil's Advocate
Experiment I think your experiment just got a mind of its own. Chain Reaction
Ronnie Dick and Ronnie know their jobs. Point Break
Fish Have you done this before? Has the fish? Johnny Mnemonic
Ozzy Osbourne And like Ozzy Osbourne was repeatedly accused of corruption of the young. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Rides No more harassment, no more rides, no more extortion. Sweet November
Maggie's Maggie's. We'll go to Maggie's. Chain Reaction
Twinkies What's up? Did you get the twinkies? Parenthood
Wild Yam What's that smell? Wild Yam. The Replacements
Orphanage When I was a kid, I used to climb up on the roof of the orphanage and make a wish on a star A Walk In the Clouds
Machinist I'm a machinist, she's a physicist. Chain Reaction
Ignorance I have offended you with my ignorance. Dracula
Ninny Do you think I let that little ninny speak for me? The Gift
Uniforms There are ten uniforms and eleven players Hardball
Touchdown Touchdown for Evil Ted! We're total headbangers! Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Ear You ate my ear, you killed your wife, you framed me, and you're mad at me for lying? Feeling Minnesota
Kekambas Your handle when you call in? Kekambas. Hardball
Everyone Chama, I am doing this for everyone. Little Buddha
Assured Trust Assured Trust tomorrow, next day outside at the latest. Point Break
New Jersey At least you didn't move to New Jersey, right? The Watcher
Unfairly We died. Most unfairly. Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Slugs When you wake up, wipe the slugs off your face! Be ready for a new day! My Own Private Idaho
Chocolate I can't go back to selling chocolate. A Walk in the Clouds
Edge What did you ask me for? Edge. This is edge. Sweet November
Newark Come on baby, all the way back to Newark. Johnny Mnemonic
Elevator Was it good for you? Yeah. The elevator dropped. Speed

The first letters spell COME PERFORM TWO-MINUTE KEANU SCENE. Teams who come to HQ and perform a two-minute Keanu scene get the answer HOLLYWOOD.