M Puzzle: When Johnny Comes Marching Home

by Jon Sheffi

These are pictures of various bathrooms (and other water fixtures) from around campus. If you take the buildings in each set and look at them on a map, they form letters:

One2-063, 8-313, and 4-301S
Two5-116, 1-167, 7-207E
Three:5th West of Baker House (bldg W7)M
Four3rd East of East Campus (bldg 64)I
Five33-306 and 35-428T
SixHacker's Shower in building 14O
SevenBexley Hall (bldg W13), basement [rotated 90 degrees]N [lowercase]
Eight4th West of EC (bldg 62), 18-264, Bldg 56 sub-basement, 54-1831, 66-447A

The answer is SEMITONAL.


The last line of flavortext refers says to "shut the door," which is the second line of the nursery rhyme about shoe-buckling. In the language of that puzzle, SEMITONAL is the word for ONE HUNDRED FIFTY, which is the answer.