M Puzzle: Guys'll Eat Ivy, Too

by Marc Moskowitz

In spite of looking like cryptic clues, these are in fact descriptions of creatures from the Dr. Seuss book On Beyond Zebra ("zoo/not enough"; homonym of "Geisel" in the title). The numbers are the letter of the creature's name to use, not the number of letters in the word. The animals are:

  1. itch-a-Pods
  2. high gArgel-orum
  3. glikkeR
  4. zatz-iT
  5. vroOms
  6. miss Fuddle-dee-duddle
  7. spAzzim
  8. jogg-ooNs
  9. floob-boober-bAb-boober-bubs
  10. nutChes
  11. thnadneRs
  12. yekkO
  13. flunNel
  14. quandarY
  15. wuMbus

The indicated letters spell PART OF AN ACRONYM, which is a clue for the word INITIAL.