Training Puzzle: Doctoring

by Susie Glass

The faces in the picture are each comprised of features from two different celebrities who co-starred in a single movie. The initials of these celebrity pairs are given at the bottom of the picture. Each of the 22 movies represented in this picture has a number in the title, either Arabic, Roman, or text. If you take the letter of the title indicated by the number in the title (for example, the third letter of Rocky III is "c"), and then trace a continuous, non-overlapping path from the green face to the red face, you spell out a definition from a sport near and dear to the hearts of doctors: "tie the score at a golf hole." The answer is HALVE.

Here are the actors and their movies, in order of the answer phrase:

InitialsActor IActor IIMovie
TKD FFKirk DouglasFarrah FawcettSaturn 3
IHV WSHervié VillechaizeWilliam ShatnerAirplane II: The Sequel
EWS MSWill SmithMartha StewartMen In Black II
TGD MGGeena DavisMelanie GriffithStuart Little 2
HGB JBGeorge BurnsDr. Joyce BrothersOh God, Book II
EEM BNEddie MurphyBrigitte NielsonBeverly Hills Cop II
SHH VWHulk HoganVanna WhiteWrestlemania IV
CSS MTSylvester StalloneMr. TRocky III
OSF BUSally FieldBob UeckerHomeward Bound II
RWHM TLWilliam H. MacyTea LeoniJurassic Park III
ECB LFCharles BronsonLaurence FishburneDeath Wish II
AEW CLElijah WoodChristopher LloydBack to the Future II
TTW NPKirstie AlleySteve GuttenbergIt Takes Two
AJF SMJamie FarrShirley MaclaineCannonball Run II
GHG DSHeather GrahamDonald SutherlandSix Degrees of Separation
OMC TCMacauley CulkinTim CurryHome Alone 2: Lost in New York
LHO LFBHeather O'RourkeLara Flynn BoylePoltergeist III
FIP TWIggy PopTom WaitsCoffee and Cigarettes III
HCM BSCheech MarinBen SteinGhostbusters II
OML IMartin LawrenceImanHouse Party 2
LKK RPKris KristoffersonRon PerlmanBlade II
ESLJ JPSSamuel L. JacksonJada Pinkett SmithMenace II Society

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