R Puzzle: Cockpit

by Jessica Wong

Each phrase clues the name of a band who later became famous under a new name. The last word in the band's new name fits into the blanks next to the clues.

Clue Old Band Name New Band Name
Charlize Theron Movie Mighty Joe Young (Stone Temple) piloTs
The Googols The High Numbers (The) wHo
About 16, for Oxygen Atomic Mass (Def) lEppard
Cat and Mouse Tom and Jerry (Simon and) Garfunkel
The Whirlwinds The Tornadoes (Golden) eaRring
Courageous Sash Brave Belt (Bachman-Turner) Overdrive
Sovereign Majesty (Dream) theaTer
The Fresh Lawn Sparrows The New Yardbirds (Led) zEppelin
Soil Earth (Black) Sabbath
Gridlock Traffic Jam (The Status) Quo
The Sorcerors The Warlocks (Velvet) Underground
The Sorcerors The Warlocks (The Grateful) dEad
Medical Gown and the Hardin Pseudonyms Johnny and the Moondogs (The) Beatles
The iMac and iBook The Apples (The) walLflowers
Guard for the Warriors Mookie Blaylock (Pearl) jAm
The Transfer The Move (Electric Light) orChestra
The Blackbirds The Ravens (The) kinKs
Saccharine Kids Sweet Children (Green) Day
Portion of Happiness Joy Division (New) Order
The Bunch of Cows The Herd (Buffalo) springfieLd
Immense Mammoth (Van) haLen
The Inspiration Proportion The One Percent (Lynyrd) Skynyrd

The starred letters read, in order, THE GROTESQUE BLACK DOLLS. "Grotesque black doll" is the dictionary definition for "golliwog," and The Golliwogs later changed their name to "Credence Clearwater Revival." The answer is REVIVAL.

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