M Puzzle: A Walk In The... Cemetery?

by Jofish Kaye and Bridget Copley

The annotated walk:

  1. Walk through the gate and immediately take the rightmost path. You will pass an intersection: just continue straight through it. When you come to a fork, you want to keep the Hayden Library on your left.
  2. At the next intersection, keep going straight. You'll know you've made the correct choice, as there's a Green Building on your left.
  3. Stay left--there's yet another Green Building on your right.
  4. And it's followed by another, different, Lewis Library, a bit further on.
  5. On your right is a former president, and now MacLaurin Dining Room. This one may be covered by snow, but it was too good to pass up. Don't worry if you can't find it. (This is actually the grave of MIT ex-President MacLaurin.)
  6. Stay straight: there's something useful in the libraries on your left. Barton
  7. Lots of interesting things around here: like the Walker Memorial on your right.
  8. And a Gray Way on your right -- look carefully, it's pretty far back. Stay to the left.
  9. The path curves round; there's a Talbot House on your right as you come to a large intersection.
  10. Stay to the right; you'll pass a Games on your left after a few hundred feet.
  11. You’ll know you’re heading the correct way when you see a Square on your left after about the same distance again; take the left after that.
  12. Another Walker Memorial on your left!
  13. At the next intersection, you can go left or right. Look carefully, find an Johnson Athletic Center, and go that way. It's just possible it could be covered in snow.
  14. You'll pass a Endicott House on your left, so you know you made the right choice.
  15. A Briggs Field shows up on your left after about three hundred and fifty feet; keep following the road straight.
  16. You've done the right thing when there's yet another Walker Memorial--but it's on the side of a gravestone that belongs in the Muddy Charles. Brewer
  17. Just past there are two stones that should be significant, but aren't: one's eighteen inches Halfyard on your left, and the next is nearly a Court. Killiam
  18. At the next intersection, find a Sloan School of Management in the middle of someone: keep that on your right. It's no more than fifty feet from the intersection.
  19. Up next is a Morss Hall--a Hall you'd find in one of the places you've previously found, but be careful: it's tricky, this one. Take a left just past it.
  20. Now we're doing well! There's part of 21L on the left here. French
  21. And a Stratton [Student] Center is here. 'Student' was left off so that there'd be no way to skip to this part, since there's not that many Strattons in the cemetery.
  22. And a Draper Laboratory, too.
  23. Take note of the name Coolidge across the road from the Laboratory. Take the next right and follow the road. When you hit the end of this bit of road, take a left.
  24. Nearly there. Keep going along: this road's a bit quiet for our purposes. About five hundred feet further along is a Green Building on your left: take the second right.
  25. On your right, you'll pass another, different, McCormick Hall.
  26. And then, also on your right, another Ames Street, with more than one dorm on it.
  27. You'll pass a dorm in the middle, on your right. Funky. Mary Baker Eddy. Who founded Christian Science; their headquarters in downtown Boston is known as the Mothership. Mothership Connection is perhaps the quintessential funk album, released by Parliament in 1975.
  28. Stay right, and stop when you see the name you noticed opposite that Laboratory. Coolidge Your answer is the first letter of the inscription above the name--just the letter itself. The word it's part of is the top line on the stone. ωμηγα with a tilde above the ω is the inscription, so the answer is ω.


The reference to the headache in the flavortext suggests that this be trained with "Migraine." An omega rotated counterclockwise is a 3, and the answer is just that: the single digit 3.

We would like to thank Matthew Willey, Vistor Services Specialist at Mt. Auburn Cemetery for his help with planning this puzzle. He rocks.