R Puzzle: Art Gallery

by Lance Nathan; pictures by Jofish Kaye

These puzzles are recreations of well-known works of art, taken in various spots around campus. Using the building numbers to take the nth letter of the artist's last name spells out POINTILLIST GEORGES, which pretty uniquely identifies SEURAT.

Title Artist Location Answer Original ACME Version
L.H.O.O.Q Duchamp Lobby 7 P

The Dream

Rousseau Building 2 Lobby O

Mona Lisa da Vinci Lobby 7 I
The Scream Munch 3-1xx N
Lamentation of Christ Mantegna 4-337 (Physics Handout Room) T


Fantin-Latour 5-1xx (Nautical Gallery--that's a propeller blade) I
Paul Revere Copley 4-4xx (Strobe Alley) L
Flaming June Leighton 1-2xx Lobby L
Odalisque Ingres Building 1 (photo flipped left-to-right!) I
In the Loge Cassatt 4-4xx S
Dejuner sur L'herbe Manet Building 5 T
Daughters of Edward Darley Boit Sargent 4-xxx G


Van Eyck Building 4 Lobby (by Ellen Swallow) E

American Gothic

Wood Building 2 Lobby O

Whistler's Mother Whistler Building 8 (confusing sign!) R
Judith and Holofernes Gentilleschi 1-2xx (something Room) G
Cristina's World Wyeth Outside Building 3 E
Guitarist Picasso 6-120 S

Fixed in 2010 by the archivists of Beginner's Luck. The original and ACME versions of the painting in the third-to-last row were swapped.