M Puzzle: Antiphony

by Marc Moskowitz

Antiphony is call-and-response. The melodies are all pop songs that refer or respond to some other song. The lyrics below each are from the song it refers to. (In one case, both are from a song that refers to itself.)

The songs, in order that they appear in chant notation (alphabetical by Latin text), with the translations of the lyrics for the referred-to songs and the lyrics that correspond to the music for the referring songs:

Filling both song titles into the crosses and taking the two letters at the intersection--first of the referred-to song, then of the referrer--spells out "HEADGEAR FOR A DEAD HOLY PERSON" which is HALO.


As the reference to "mapping" indicates, this is trained by cartography. Decrypting the word HALO gives the real answer, which is BOYS.