T Puzzle: Whoa--I Know My ABCs!

by Matt Sakai

The 26 letters were clipped from 13 photographs of public locations on campus, two from each picure. Pair up the letters and find the original locations. Each pair of depicted letters immediately brackets a single letter, which is used for the solution.

The letters must then be ordered according to the building number where they are found (in ascending order), to produce the final answer REMOVE A LETTER.

The pairs are:

ImagesBldg.LocationFull image
E1,U1 1 Bechtel Lecture Hall (1-390)
R,X 3 Margaret Cheney Room 3-3?? ("for exclusive use of women students")
T,V 4 plaque in the Ellen Swallow Richards lobby
B,Y 6 Boyle in Lobby 6 (upper left, south wall)
D,S 7 inscription around the ceiling of Lobby 7
G,M 8 Cambridge MIT Connection, 8-403
P,U2 10 Paul Joseph Baker, right of the doors in Lobby 10 (Vietnam section)
O1,O2 11 Copy Technology Center (basement of building 11)
C,J 12 Project Athena sign in the fishbowl cluster
A,F 13 Inscription in lobby 13 to Vannevar Bush
H1,I 24 Hithgaelin on the map of Middle Earth outside ESG (24-6**)
L,N 36 bright yellow historic dynamo on the first floor of building 36
E2,W 56 List Visual Arts Center/Wiesner over the first floor video screen

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