Yellow B 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


When it came to entertainment, even Uncle Pennybags had his guilty pleasures...
Ladies and gentlemen, what we have witnessed here tonight! Piper has literally ripped off Goldust's clothes! The Executioner submits to the figure-four leglock! Taylor has kicked out of the flying headbutt! Brother Love is wearing a kilt! The Big Bossman is being hanged before our very eyes! The New Age Outlaws have lost their titles because of a forklift! Shane McMahon defies all odds and successfully defends his title! Tyson makes the three-count! Bret Hart destroys the battle royal trophy! Andre The Giant is tossing $15,000 to the crowd! Savage hits his fifth consecutive flying elbow! And Special Delivery Jones has just been pinned in a record nine seconds! This truly is the crown jewel of sports entertainment!