Round 5 _ _ 2002 MIT Mystery Hunt


A note's been left for you: "With all of your cousins fighting over my inheritance, I'm sure there must be some sort of family feud raging. I sure you think that breaking your concentration may put your chances in jeopardy, but, to tell the truth, I think you could use the break. I dare you-- no, I double dare you to take a small breather."
You are all invited to a trivia-based game show, Win Chris Morse's Money.

The Logistics

This game will commence in Room 1-190 at 12:30am Friday night (or Saturday morning if you please).

We would love it if each team sent people to come and watch and had least one person play. Our first priority is for every single team to have an opportunity to play our game.

We have made sure there are plenty of questions for the game to be played three separate times, so that 24 people can compete. If there are more teams (or if people just want to keep playing), we will rerun earlier rounds.

The Game

Eight players will begin the game. They will be asked a series of questions all worth $100. A correct answer will increase that individual's score by $100, and an incorrect answer will decrease that individual's score by $100. The last person to answer a question correctly will get to choose the category for the next question.

At the end of this round, only the contestants with the top three scores will move on. The questions in the second round will be worth $200 apiece. At the end of the second round, the person with the highest score will continue to the final round.

The Final Round

Now, our highest scorer will be pitted against our host in a head-to-head battle of wits on 8 questions. If our host wins, you go home with a pat on the head, but if you beat the host by getting at least as many correct answers as the host, you will Win Chris Morse's Money.

The decisions of the host are final.

If you missed the gameshow, here are the questions used in the final rounds...


What former cabinet member is currently running in the Florida Gubernatorial race?

What does a K indicate on a baseball scorecard?

Copper blight aflicts what plant used to make a popular beverage?

The Helter Skelter, at Coney Island's Luna Park, was what kind of attraction?

What does the "I" stand for in the abbreviation NMI?

What mathematical constant is also known as Napier's constant, after John Napier, the mathematician who first introduced logarithms?

How many members of the Whig party were elected President of the US?

Which way does the head face on the front of a U.S. dime, nickel or quarter?


What now-common type of election was first held in Wisconsin in 1903?

What American coin is worth two bits?

What is the most common word in spoken English that contains an "F"?

Behind Wheel of Fortune, what is the second-most-watched game show in history?

Messenger, transfer, and ribosomal are the three forms of what?

During his rookie season with the Steelers, Kordell Stewart played quarterback, wide receiver, punter and what other offensive position?

What song from "Chorus Line" includes the lyric: "She walks into a room/And you know/She's uncommonly rare, very unique/peripatetic, poetic and chic"?

In music, what term is used to described the reappearance of the theme, but backwards?


What character did Barbara Eden portray on television from 1965 to 1970?

What abbreviation is used as a secular alternative to A.D., as in Anno Domini?

Billy West provided the voice for what animated chihuahua?

Which Shakespeare adaptation was recently released after being shelved by Miramax due to the Columbine shootings?

What Major League Soccer team plays its home games at RFK Stadium?

In proofreading, what is the meaning of a mark shaped like a lowercase gamma?

What 1990's television show starred Sela Ward and Swoozie Kurtz?

What Pearl Jam song repeats the lyrics "The picture kept will remind me"?